Diamond Pro High Temp Bumper Set


Our Diamond Pro Crumb Style Bumpers are Made in the USA and our Flagship Bumper Plate. They are similar to Hi-Temp Bumpers in texture, density and quality, but boast a 2 year longer warranty. We couldn't be more proud to offer these to our customers.  

Diamond Pro Bumpers are extremely high quality, have the perfect bounce, and are among the best value in the industry for a top quality bumper plate.

Diamond Pro Bumpers boast a 3 year warranty on 45, 35, 25 and 180 days on the 15 and 10.

Find out what many gyms already know - Diamond Pro Crumb Bumpers are the bumpers to beat!


• Material: Recycled Rubber

• Dimensions: 18" diameter
• Designed in the USA
• Local Pick Up

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