Lil Bully Free Suspension


Battlehouse Lil Bully system just made your gym a whole lot smaller. This free suspension system lets you do full bilateral movement. Small, and compact enough to take any where. Easily do a wide arrange of body weight exercises from counter balance, hyperextension, inverted pilate poses, power stretching, and more. Not enough for you? The Lil Bully works with all cable attachments to encompass even more workouts. Still not enough? Add a Dead Pull weight anchor plate to implement weight to your regimen. No pin, or rod allows you to fully stabilize your weight stack. Incorporating more muscle groups in the movement with less weight. Simply put, you get more out of each rep, and maximize more muscle's in you exercise.  

• Designed and Made in the USA
• Local Pick Up
• Local Delivery Available




Collections: Strength

Category: weight sled

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