Wrecking Ball / Uppercut Striking Bag


Combines the unbelievable training benefits and advantages of the heavy bag, double end bag and slip ball, all in one dynamic training bag! Increase power, strength and punching, striking and kicking techniques with gains of the heavy bag. Develop speed, pin-point accuracy and hand-eye coordination with the aid of the double end bag feature. And finally, perfect your defensive slipping and "bobbing & weaving" skills with the added slip ball benefits. Unleash a fury of jabs, straight shots, angle punches, hooks, uppercuts, elbows, kicks, knee strikes and more to every area - and angle - of the bag.

• Material: Vinyl
• Dimensions: 31" X 22"
• Designed and Made in the USA
• Local Pick Up

Collections: Grappling/Striking

Category: boxing bag, punching bag, striking bag

Type: Unknown Type

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